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    Foundation Repair Services

    JP Foundation Repair specializes in a wide range of services necessary to repair both residential and commercial structures. Our services include Foundation Repair of residences, Crawl Space Repair and Drainage Correction for any property. Whether you have noticed a small crack in your wall or tile, brick and mortar separating, or windows and doors sticking, JP can save your building’s foundation by using the correct foundation maintenance repair techniques needed to sustain your home’s value and safety.

    JP Foundation Repair is a locally owned, full-service Dallas – Fort Worth Foundation Contractor in business for over 25 years. With our extensive experience and custom-made Steel Piers, our company has seen, worked on and fixed a great variety of foundation issues associated with the various types of shifting soil throughout Texas.

    Whether it’s the fault of the builder, natural movement of the ground, drainage issues or crawl space problems, without prompt action and proper repair, your structure can sustain substantial damage. If you searched for Foundation Repair Near me, we’re glad you found us. Get ahead of your foundation issue and contact us today at (817) 563-5564 or (214) 416-8522 to schedule your free, no obligation on-site inspection and estimate!

    Our Services

    Foundation Repair

    Seeing Foundation Cracks or experiencing Sinking Floors? Our custom manufactured steel Foundation Piers will effectively stabilize your home’s foundation. Our Steel Piers are designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by JP Foundation Repair. This gives us complete control over the quality of the pier and the cost of each that we can provide to our customers. Our steel piers are pushed all the way to bedrock – stable stratigraphic layer.

    Crawl Space Repair

    We can level and stabilize the beams and floor joists in your crawl space. Additionally, JP Foundation Repair will address any Moisture in Crawl Space problems, rotting wood, tilting or sinking support posts, uneven floors, interior cracks, or any other crawl space problems. Call us today for an expert Crawl Space Repair estimate from one of our crawl space specialists.

    Drainage Correction

    We offer all types of property, Foundation Drainage and waterproofing solutions, including sump pumps, dehumidifiers, French drains, re-sloping, re-grading, drainage matting, and vapor barriers. Installing a French Drain was never so easy. Don’t put up with Clogged Drainage or yard drainage that keeps stopping up. Water Drainage can be a serious issue if not corrected soon.

    Financing Available

    We can offer Foundation Repair Cost financing options for practically any job.

    Why DFW Homes and Businesses Choose Us

    • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
    • Highest Quality Materials
    • Trained and Experienced Crew
    • No Dispatch Fees
    • Live Call Center
    • Courtesy Call Before Service
    • Fully Insured
    • Family Owned and Operated for 25+ Years
    • Financing Available
    • FREE Estimates

    Homeowners, and business owners alike, have chosen JP Foundation Repair Company as their foundation repair contractor of choice in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for our quality work and customer service.

    Our trained and experienced specialists are knowledgeable about the foundation issues caused by Texas’ clay soil, and have the answers for your home’s specific problem. For these and many other reasons, Jack Power Foundation Repair is your expert for all your foundation repair needs.

    Dallas – Fort Worth’s Go-To Foundation Repair Company

    JP Foundation Repair started in Fort Worth, TX in response to the need for highly effective and fairly priced foundation repair. Since then, we have grown as a local leader in the foundation repair industry, and we now offer professional foundation repair services in and around the DFW area and beyond. Check out all of our Foundation Repair Reviews from our satisfied customers. Whatever foundation or drainage problems you’re experiencing, we have the solution.

    Contact JP Foundation Repair today for your FREE, on-site inspection and estimate!

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