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    Residential Foundation Repair

    Residential Foundation Repair

    JaP Foundation Repair has decades of experience providing residential Foundation Repair in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Mansfield, Keller and the surrounding DFW Metroplex, so we understand the best solutions for every job. We custom design, test, manufacture and install the Best Foundation Repair Products you will find. And all of our foundation repair products and services are custom designed specifically for your home and carry a Fully Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

    Concerned about what foundation issues might be making your home suffer? We can quickly diagnose your foundation problem and decide on the best solution for your home. Contact JP Foundation Repair today for your Free on-site foundation inspection, which includes a Foundation Repair Cost estimate.

    Why Fix Your Foundation?

    The foundation is the most important part of any home. It is the backbone from which everything else connects. If Foundation Cracks or Sinking Floors are present, everything else is negatively affected. Not only are foundation problems ugly to look at, but they can also spell disaster down the road. From bowing walls, sinking floors and moldy crawl spaces to large cracks or doors and windows that won’t close, it’s important to address these issues as soon as possible to allow for easier repair and less cost in the long run. Speaking with Jack Power Foundation Repair and even a structural engineer is a good first step.

    When it comes to foundation issues, the age of your home doesn’t matter. Foundation problems can affect both new and older homes. In fact, Consumer Reports found that 15 percent of new homes have serious foundation problems, caused by poor construction or shifting soil. Sometimes builders are eager to build new homes and don’t allow enough time for the leveled soil to “age” properly and settle into its final position. And sometimes the soil composition is the wrong soil upon which to build, or a natural spring might be present. These problems will only worsen over time. The sooner a foundation contractor is consulted the better it is for both the foundation and the owner’s pocketbook.

    Foundation problems not only affect your home’s appearance and safety, but also decrease the value of your home. When you have cracks in your walls, buckling floors, or doors and windows that won’t open or shut properly, this is likely to scare off a potential buyer.

    What might seem like a small problem, such as a drywall crack or stuck window, might actually be a sign of a much more serious problem below your home.

    Think You Have Foundation Problems?

    It doesn’t always take a Foundation Specialist to tell you that you have foundation problems. You can determine this for yourself if you examine your home carefully.

    Here is a checklist for you to follow:

    • Cracks in the interior walls. Look at all the corners of windows and doors, and at joints where walls meet walls, ceilings or doors for signs that they are pulling away from each other.
    • Cracks in a brick fireplace wall.
    • Nails “popping” out of the gypsum board.
    • Do your windows and doors fit squarely without binding? Raise and lower the windows in each room and open and close all doors to check.
    • Do cracks run diagonally, along mortar joints in the brick veneer? Are the caulk joints pulling apart? Outside the house, check the bottom corners of the windows and doors.
    • Check the exposed concrete at the base of the house for cracks. If there are only small cracks, they may be nonstructural, but they may also be the first indication of trouble to come.
    • Does water stand in puddles near the house? If possible, check the house after or during a rain. Proper drainage is essential.
    • Are there roof leaks when roof material is in good shape?
    • Is water being diverted away from the building? Check gutters and downspouts. Do they empty onto a splash block? Does the roof runoff drain away from the house?

    Problems like these should not be taken lightly. Cracks in the interior walls are unsightly and reduce the value of your house. Cracks in the brick walls admit wind and rain that damage the sheathing insulation and interior wall. Poorly fitted windowsills and doors let in outside air and result in high utility bills. Roof leaks damage the wooden beams, insulation, interior walls and ceiling, and electrical wiring. Shifting of the soil foundation may cause gas and water lines to loosen or bend, creating unsafe conditions and fire hazards.

    If you are experiencing any of these problems, including sagging crawl spaces, settlement sinking, uneven floors, and sticking windows and doors, contact JP Foundation Repair today at (817) 563-5564 or (214) 416-8522 for your free inspection and estimate!

    Seven Common Foundation Repair Techniques

    Below are the names of several different foundation repair techniques performed by JP Foundation Repair. These include stabilization processes for both slab and pier & beam foundations.

    • Pressed-Piling Pier
    • Interior Pier
    • Helical Pier
    • Steel Pier

    Upon consultation with one of our foundation repair specialists, JP Foundation Repair will determine the proper procedure to follow for the stabilization of your home. This will include both the type of pier and the pier placement that we feel would be best suited for that particular structure.

    In addition, JP Foundation Repair will address any Drainage Correction or tree root problems at your request.

    Warrantied Foundation Solutions From a Nationally Trained, Locally Owned Company

    As an experienced Foundation Contractor, we understand that no two foundation problems are the same. During your free on-site consultation, our trained foundation specialist will ask you questions about the problems you’re experiencing and perform a complete evaluation of your foundation. Based on what we find, we’ll recommend the best foundation repair solution for your home.

    JP Foundation Repair will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, and we’ll let you know exactly what steps need to be taken to stabilize your foundation – restoring safety and value to your greatest investment. Contact us today to request your free foundation repair inspection in Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Garland, Irving, Grand Prairie, McKinney, Frisco, Southlake, or nearby.

    In addition to being a Foundation Repair Company, JP Foundation Repair also specializes in Drainage Correction and Crawl Space Repair for both structures and properties.

    If you searched for Foundation Repair Near Me, crawl space repair or drainage correction and found our website, we’re glad you stopped by. If you are currently experiencing or think you might soon experience a drainage issue, foundation or crawl space problem, we can help. Please contact JP Foundation Repair at (817) 563-5564 or (214) 416-8522 so we can work with you to implement the perfect solution for your crawl space, foundation or drainage issue.

    In the meantime, please check out our JP Foundation Repair Reviews by very happy customers who have already had their foundation, drainage correction or crawl space repair work completed by JP Foundation Repair.

    Contact JP Foundation Repair today for your FREE, on-site inspection and estimate!